Where is the Best Steak in Branson?

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Rowdy Beaver

One of the most common questions I am asked by red meat loving visitors to Branson is, “Where can I get the best steak in town?”. This has always been a tough question to answer and I usually begin my response with “The grill on my back deck”. The only problem with telling people you cook the best steak in town is that they soon persist on dinner at your place. My background does not include a culinary degree or a vast vocabulary of “foodie” terms, but I do have a very tough to please set of taste buds.

I personally have two favorite Branson restaurants to order steaks at, the first is Branson’s Outback. The Outback here in town is completely original and not part of the International Chain. The Chain was found in 1988 in Tampa, FL. Branson’s Outback Steak and Oyster Bar was founded in 1987. Some local residents like to say that the Outback chain probably got it’s idea from the Branson location. In my opinion the Outback has the best New York Strip and Prime Rib in Branson. I love a little A-1 with my Strip, but their Prime Rib needs nothing but a palate to please. Make sure to check them out here.

Another great local dive for steak is Branson’s Rowdy Beaver. Rowdy Beaver started out in Eureka Springs, AR. The restaurant features a fun and unique vibe for locals and visitors to Branson. They also have live music just about every night of the week. Rowdy Beaver has quickly become one of the local’s favorite places to get Rib-Eyes. They get this perfect light char to the outer edge of fat and leave the inside tender and juicy enough to eat with just a fork. I would be surprised if you leave anything on your plate except for maybe a few drops of sauce.  Be sure to leave your review of Rowdy Beaver here.

Branson is filled with many great local dives and “hole in the wall” restaurants. Make sure not to let the outside fool you. Some owners like to spend money on quality ingredients and first class service. Please feel free to give your feedback on your favorite place to get a bite to eat. I hope this helped answer the question “Where is the Best Steak in Branson”.

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