A truly year-round destination, Branson’s weather and climate helps make it a great vacation getaway. Summers are hot, Winters are fairly mild, with Spring & Fall offer very comfortable conditions.

Average Temperatures & Climate

Average High Average Low Record High Record Low
January 44° 21° 80° 15°
February 50° 25° 87° -19°
March 59° 33° 90°
April 69° 41° 96° 19°
May 77° 50° 99° 29°
June 85° 59° 105° 40°
July 90° 64° 116° 48°
August 89° 62° 108° 40°
September 82° 55° 106° 30°
October 72° 43° 96° 22°
November 58° 34° 90°
December 47° 25° 81° -12°

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Seasons in Branson


Spring in BransonWith very comfortable temperatures in the 50 – 80 degree range, Spring is a great time to visit the area. Visitors traveling to the area in February will find that there are fewer crowds compared to summer, fall, and Christmas. Spring also marks the beginning of the tourist season in the area with travel to Branson picking up around Valentine’s Day and usually in full swing by the time March rolls around. It’s a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and see some of the shows and attractions that the area is known for.


Summer in BransonAn extremely popular summer vacation destination, Branson tourism peaks in the summer. With 3 lakes, water parks, golf, and other activities in addition to the shows & attractions – the summer months brings families throughout the world to the area. It does get hot during these months, with relatively high humidity – but it makes for a great time to experience some of the Ozarks’ wonderful outdoors.


Fall in BransonThe Branson Tri-Lakes area sees some of the most beautiful fall foliage to be found anywhere! As the kids start heading back to school in August, the area starts seeing a slightly older demographic and customer. Towards the end of August – many shows take a week or two break to prepare for Christmas shows. September temperatures are very comfortable typically seeing warm days and cooler nights. October generally marks the end of the regular shows as they transition November 1 to Christmas performances.


Winter in BransonBranson is lucky in that it has received mild winters over the past few years with relatively little snow or ice. It’s a perfect time to see some Christmas lights and shows that being Novermber 1. After Christmas, the town starts slowing down a bit with the crowds thinning out the latter half of December and the last few weeks of January.

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