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There are few performers that can emulate the look, sounds, and characteristics of the “King of Rock ‘n Roll” as well as Branson’s very own Tony Roi! One of the world’s top tribute artists, you can’t help but be star struck and in awe as you watch Tony pay tribute…

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About Tony Roi – The Elvis Experience

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  • Show Length About 2 hours

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There are few performers that can emulate the look, sounds, and characteristics of the “King of Rock ‘n Roll” as well as Branson’s very own Tony Roi!

One of the world’s top tribute artists, you can’t help but be star struck and in awe as you watch Tony pay tribute in this show that will have you believing you’re seeing Elvis Presley live on stage!

More than two decades of performing!

For more than twenty-five years he has been bringing his uniquely distinct show to life in venues around the world – selling out shows in major cities wherever he performs!

The catalyst for his career began with his long stint with Legends In Concert (which lasted nearly twenty years), where he quickly gained attention for his dead-on impersonation of the iconic legend.

Fans soon began to follow Tony wherever he performed, becoming so successful in his own right that he began his now-popular “Elvis Experience” show which has run in various theatres and venues throughout Branson – and the rest of the world!

This year’s new act entitled “Tony Roi Elvis & More” is sure to bring down the house! Featuring some of your favorite songs (all backed by a live band), you will see Tony perform this all-new series of concerts for the season!

Remarkable resemblance to “The King!”

From his sounds to looks, you will have a hard time believing that the man you see on stage is not Elvis himself! Over the years, Tony Roi has perfect nearly every aspect of the late, great performer – gaining recognition as one of the world’s premiere tribute artists along the way!

Tony has the best show in Branson!

- Rosa

Songs from all periods of Elvis’ life!

Your two-hour, action-packed, musical voyage will span some of the biggest hits of his career – from “Jailhouse Rock” and “Blue Suede Shoes” to “In the Ghetto” to “Suspicious Minds,” no matter what Elvis era you liked most – you will surely walk away impressed and thoroughly entertained!

Tony brings to life everything from Mr. Presley’s rhinestone-studded costumes in his later years to the singing and dancing that made him so famous when he began his phenomenally-popular career!

Special Sunday shows with Gospel Revival segment!

A new addition to this year’s performances is the gospel segment that will be a part of the Sunday afternoon shows! He will share some of your favorite gospel music that will warm your heart, touch your soul, and provide inspiration to all those who see it!

New venue and new show!

Critics around the world have proclaimed that there are few (if any) people that can put on such a spectacular show as Tony Roi and his Elvis Experience!

With a full band and singers accompanying him, if you’re looking for a show you won’t forget once you’ve gotten home – then this is something that must be on your trip’s schedule!

Tony Roi’s Elvis Show
An insider’s guide to the “Tony Roi Elvis & More” show in Branson, Missouri.

One of the world’s leading Elvis tribute acts, Tony Roi has been fine-tuning and honing his act for more than two decades to bring the “King of Rock ‘n Roll” to thousands around the world. By closely replicating the characteristics, sounds, and music of one of the most successful solo recording artists of all time – Tony Roi has perfected the likeness of one of the world’s most legendary icons.

Adding his own flair and charisma to each performance, the shows he puts on are some of the most-loved and talked about in Branson! From the looks to the sounds, you will have a hard time believing that you’re not seeing the King himself up on the stage in front of you!

4 / 5 stars
For questions, information, or reservations:
Call now: 1 (800) 504-0115
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Tribute Theatre: 3310 W. Hwy 76, Branson, MO 65616 Back To Top

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Travel Tip: Branson shows fill up fast, call now to get the best seats!
For questions, information, or reservations:
Call now: 1 (800) 504-0115
Local: (417) 544-1944
We're open 7 days a week! (8:00 am - 10:30 pm)

18 Comments & Reviews

  1. fran bucy says:

    Have been to see Tony Roi 13 years, hope to make it many more. All the way from California best show in world Tony is Elvis and more. His voice is better in many ways than even Elvis love you Tony Roi.

  2. Pat says:

    We went to see Tony in September and enjoyed him so much we made the trip back to Branson last week to see him again. Love his show. He is the best!!

  3. Mary Jones says:

    My mother and I made the trip to Branson back in October and saw Tony on our last night there. Truly the best Elvis impersonator anywhere, and yes Tony really connects with is fans. He is awesome and will make each and every fan feel special. Thanks Tony, cant wait to go back.

  4. Pat Lucy says:

    I have seen his show twice, once in Sept 2011 and one this year Sept 2013. What an entertainer. I had tickets for the front row and took some very good pictures with my IPad. He made me feel as if I was a teenager watching Elvis. I graduated in 1957 from high school when Elvis was big news. It was like going back to those times. I’m now a big fan of his and set up a board on Pinterest with many of his pictures. Thank you Tony Roi for a great experience and though I’m 74 I hope to see you again next year. If you want the pictures just type Tony Roi in the search box on Pinterest.

  5. Roberta Hanes says:

    We saw Tony’s show in July 2013. We think he is the best at paying tribute to Elvis. He sounds like Elvis and has his looks. My husband always sang Elvis song until he got ALS and lost his voice. My husband throughly enjoyed Tony’s performance. Tony was so sweet to my husband and paid special attention to him. I will always be thankful to Tony for the time he took to make my husband feel special. God Bless you Tony.

  6. Caroline Gay says:

    I first saw Tony in Atlantic City. A group of us would take a bus trip from Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania every March to see his show.

  7. Dianna says:

    I saw the Tony Roi Show for the first time this past weekend, let me tell you it is GREAT! He looks & sounds so much like Elvis, if I didn’t know better I would have thought I was watching Elvis in person. He is so nice to everyone, takes the time to talk to you, take pictures, or whatever you want. I will definitely be going back to see Tony again, soon.

  8. Cheryl Pfortmiller says:

    I have been his fan for many years. I first saw him in Las Vegas at Legends 1989 and thought finally someone has really honored Elvis and did him justice. He has all the sex appeal that Elvis had and more. I did not get to meet him till he came to Branson where is gives every lady that feeling of being special. He is all heart and really enjoys his fans. I have never had as much fun with any other entertainer. As you can tell I am in love for the last time!! LOL He has many loyal fans that travel long distances to see him as often as they can. Young and old a like follow him. Please go see him weather you liked Elvis or not you will be very glad you did. Please stay after the show and meet this fine man. Oh! My! I think you would call me a groupie at 67!!!! Cheryl in OKC.

  9. Beatrice Dillman says:

    Where can CD’s be found of Tony Roi’s beautiful music?

  10. Claire says:

    Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out on this show! Great singer and overall great show. You can tell Tony has a real connection with his audience. He looks and sounds like the real Elvis. Lots of fun!!!

  11. Rosa says:

    Tony has the best show in Branson. He is now doing some of his own music and it is also great. He makes every person feel special, young or old, fat or skinny. Tony Roi, is the best.

  12. BOB says:

    Tony we come to Branson twice a year. We see you every time. Why don’t you try to do a movie of Elvis. You’re a great guy and wonderful impersonator. You do it with heart and true feelings.

  13. Dixie says:

    Best show in Branson !!! Tony ,’ hope you do go on tour. When you do, be sure to visit the Dallas/ Ft Worth area.

  14. Beatrice Dillman says:

    I wish Tony Roi would go on tour. Some of us cannot travel to Branson, but would love to experience his performance.

  15. Vaught Family says:

    Me and My family went. Tony is the best elvis Tribute artist in the world!!!!! he Acts, looks, Talks, and sings exactly like Elvis Presley the whole family enjoyed it. and at the Moon River Theater that the shows at we got to Andy Williams they said he walks around there and the Moon River Grill (both his Resturant and Theater) And we got to see him!!!!!!! Best Attraction in Branson a must see for anyone!!!!!! Rate 1-10: 10

  16. Marty says:

    We have seen so many concerts of Tony’s. There has been at least 10 concerts in the last 4 years we have even joked about the fact the pictures are taken with the same colored shirt.

    We have never grew up Elvis fans, but you, Tony has changed that. He is the most amazing and friendly young man as an entertainer, and all and great guy. He has the capacity to make each and every person who has come to meet him and listen to him has never been sorry… please take care of yourself and all of your beautiful family.

  17. Sam J. says:

    He is a really good impersonator, does a great older Elvis.

  18. Tim K. says:

    Tony puts on a good show, but the rest of the Elvis fans in our group preferred Dean Z at Legends in Concert.

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